Fairy-Max 5.0b released

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Fairy-Max 5.0b released

Post by hgm » Fri Feb 19, 2016 9:46 pm

I just released Fairy-Max 5.0b, which is mainly a big-fix release to 5.0a, needed so soon because some of the support of larger boards in 5.0a had broken Makruk (which would not correctly input promotion moves anymore).
Other changes are:

* taking back moves in analysis mode can no longer lead to false detection of repetitions
* it no longer drops out of analysis mode in a mate position
* it now obeys the CECP 'random' command, and never uses randomization in analysis mode
* mate scores are printed according to the CECP standard
* a huge imbalance no longer prevents recognition of the end-game phase (which is important to suppress pointless checking at fast TC)
* piece values in Grande Acedrex no longer discourage promotion to Zebra

Piece glyph assignment in this binary package was adapted to WinBoard 4.8.0 (similar to what was done in 5.0a), as the 'official' Fairy-Max 5.0 already uses (for some of the new variants) pieces only available in WinBoard 4.9.

Download link: http://hgm.nubati.net/Fairy-Max.zip

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