Deuterium update and other engines

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Deuterium update and other engines

Post by Ferdy » Wed Dec 14, 2011 8:47 pm

(1) Deuterium
Released Deuterium v11.02.29.107. Could be 20 to 40 elo more over previous v11.01.28.159 based from personal test.

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1. Bug fixes on time control setting when game is started from setboard command
2. Tune search reductions and evaluation
3. Added lazy eval
4. Added delta prunning in qsearch
5. Added bad move history heuristics
6. Modify good move history heuristics
7. Added support for winboard nps command
8. Disable kibitz option in .ini file, from now on have to rely on winboard GUI

(2) Bihasa
Also an update on Bihasa v2.1 for capablanca/gothic variants.
This will fix a bug in the bihasa.ini file where new values set by the user
were ignored.

(3) Makulit
For those interested in xiangqi or chinese chess, you can also find Makulit v1.0. A lot of things in the search as well as in the evaluation are
still to be done, not even mentioning the complicated rules, well I just learned to play the game :). The engine is able to play now without being flagged by winboard of illegal rules.

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Makulit v1.0
Xiangqi or chinese chess
December 15, 2011

A. Introduction
Makulit is a winboard engine that can only play xiangqi or chinese chess. 
The code is based on Deuterium normal chess engine. Makulit is a 
Filipino word meaning persistent. You need to use winboard GUI 
when playing for convenience. Chinese chess rules can be found here

B. Acknowledgement
Thanks to Tom Kerrigan for his work on TSCP, also to H.G. Muller 
for the development of winboard Gui which supports xiangqi. 
Makulit development relies heavily on the adjudication of this GUI, 
Downloads here, ... ownloads-1

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Re: Deuterium update and other engines

Post by Graham Banks » Wed Dec 14, 2011 8:50 pm

Ferdy wrote: ........Released Deuterium v11.02.29.107. Could be 20 to 40 elo more over previous v11.01.28.159 based from personal test......
Thanks Ferdinand. :)
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Re: Deuterium update and other engines

Post by hgm » Fri Dec 16, 2011 9:49 pm

Great! I will try them when I will be back from holiday.

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