How about we settle the WCCC argument?

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Re: How about we settle the WCCC argument?

Post by bob » Sun Jun 24, 2012 1:55 pm

chrisw wrote:
Don wrote:
Uri Blass wrote:I do not remember a direct claim of Robert Houdart that houdini did not start from Ippolit.
Wow, you sound just like Robert here. Is it that important for you to figure out some way that Robert may not have told a lie in some technical sense?

Didn't Clinton try something like that?

I only remember a claim of him that houdini is original in the source code level.
I am not sure if he lied and there may be a misunderstanding of what he meant.
It doesn't matter what he meant technically. What matters is that his statement was a way to mislead you into thinking that the program was original when it wasn't. It's almost ironic that his program is named after a magician - a magician is skilled in the art of deception and misdirection.

You said it yourself, he statement was so carefully crafted that you say, "There may be a misunderstanding of what he meant." And you "are not sure if he lied." Well if you listen to any politician you will feel that same confusion.
In my humble opinion you are completely out of order. You are a moderator here and it behoves you to keep your balance, not least because you are also a commercial competitor to Houdart but also because it is by no means proven that he has done anything wrong. It is also by no means proven that your own program is clean, is it?

Loose, biased accusations of Clintonesque lying, skill in the art of deception, lying like a politician and similar bla bla from your mod role, disqualifies you from your mod role, again in my humble opinion. Please don't stand again.
Moderators can't have an opinion???

When did that start?

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