about the value of fairy pieces

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Re: about the value of fairy pieces

Post by Ferdy » Thu Jun 21, 2018 12:22 pm

Uri Blass wrote:
Wed Jun 20, 2018 5:54 pm
in chess queen has a bigger value than the sum of rook and bishop.

I wonder if there is an opposite example of fairy pieces when piece A is worth less than the sum of pieces B and C when A can move or in the way B moves or in the way C moves(B and C have no common moves).
Some reasons why a combo is stronger than its components.
1. A combo has more forking ability
2. A combo is generally dangerous to opponent's king safety by a single move alone, the individuals may need two moves
3. A combo can escape from threats effectively due to its higher mobility

I think there are no such fairy pieces which have higher sum of piece values than its combo. Perhaps maybe if there are some weird rules in a variant that might affect the combo piece alone.

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