How to Make a .BIN opening book (for non programmers?)

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Re: How to Make a .BIN opening book (for non programmers?)

Post by Ferdy » Tue Apr 04, 2017 11:50 am


Files required:
1. polyglot.exe
2. pgn-extract.exe - for player and result filtering
Those are not included in the package.

You can place it anywhere but have to define it the gui. If you place it in the same dir with this gui then no need to define it.

If you don't specify a player name then all names will be considered. It is also better to read the manual to the polyglot book making.

There is one option that I did not implement the so called -min-score, default to 0.0, perhaps in the next version.

When win or draw or player name is defined then pgn-extract will be run to filter the games before feeding it to polyglot. A temp file will be created called filtered_temp_games.pgn. Can be used to inspect if the filtering is correct, in the next version I will delete this automatically.

Be sure to clean your input pgn file with pgn-extract as polyglot would stop the process as soon as it encounters errors in pgn.
Cleaning of input pgn will be done automatically in the next version.

I have tried 1.8 million games and polyglot could not process because of memory issues, I have only 40GB free in hardisk though I have 12GB RAM. This book creator has no warning messages implemented yet when such cases happens, what you will see is the message book was created but actually the book was not created. I will try to detect this polyglot error in the next version.

Download around 5MB ... sp=sharing

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Polyglot Book Creator GUI v0.2

Post by Ferdy » Wed Apr 05, 2017 8:59 am

Code: Select all

Polyglot Book Creator GUI

0. Fixed a bug where the White and Black options were disabled when
   option uniform is enabled
1. Use pgn-extract on input pgn file, to correct possible move notations
   errors and also remove duplicates if there is on the output file,
   the output file will then be used to build polyglot book
2. Automatically delete temp files after book building
3. Detect if polyglot fails to build a book due to system limitation
Download around 730KB, this is just the exe file but place it in the v0.1 dir. ... sp=sharing

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