New Komodo opponent - Frank Street

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New Komodo opponent - Frank Street

Post by lkaufman » Fri Sep 13, 2019 9:08 pm

For our next knight-odds match on, Komodo MCTS will play Frank Street. Frank won the U.S. Amateur Championship and took second place (behind Gilden) in the U.S. Junior in the 1960s, became the second African-American to become a master, and was in the U.S. top fifty and made an even score in the prestigious Lone Pine International in the 1970s. He has long ago retired from competitive play (FIDE rating 2245, USCF rating around 2330), but continues to play regularly in retirement online, with an ICC 15 min rating (the most relevant one for this purpose) in the mid 2200s. He is 76 years old, just a year younger than Gilden (we were all friends in the 1960s), and wants to play Komodo because he was shocked when I told him that Komodo beat Gilden 6 to 0 giving knight odds at 15' + 10", and wants to see for himself how this is possible. He said he has been practicing against Houdini 5 and can generally win or at worst draw at knight odds at 7' + 2", and thinks that 15' + 10" should be more than enough time for him. So we'll duplicate the Gilden match conditions, and see if Frank can do better. I'll post when we have a date and time.

I completed a 20 game match at this same 15' + 10" time limit with Komodo MCTS on 7 threads giving knight odds to Gaviota 0.80 64 bit on one thread on my fast i7 laptop. Gaviota is much stronger than the previous opponent, and won the match by 12 to 8. Gaviota 0.80 is 2534 on the CCRL 40/40 list, which puts it about on a par with Junior 6 (too old to be on the list, I'm extrapolating backward to say this), which earned a 2703 FIDE rating back in 2000 in an Elite 9 round standard time control tournament. But that was on the hardware of 2000, vastly inferior to my 2019 model laptop. So I imagine that Gaviota 0.80 on my laptop would be at least competitive with today's top players, especially in rapid. So a 12 to 8 loss at knight odds doesn't look bad! I know, it's much harder against humans, I'm not proposing to give Carlsen a knight!
Komodo rules!

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