Linux binary of pulsar2009-b chess variants program released

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Linux binary of pulsar2009-b chess variants program released

Post by adams161 » Sat Mar 04, 2017 11:54 am

I appended this to the Mac thread on Pulsar but thought it was better to have a new thread as Linux users may not read a Mac thread.

I released a Linux binary of my pulsar2009-9b program that plays variants such as Crazyhouse, Atomic, Losers, Giveaway, Atomic and Three Checks as well as chess. It's found toward top of Pulsar page at under same free license.

It's from the same pulsar2009-9b windows code as the original release with a few edits to compile on Linux and identical to the Mac code for the binary I released yesterday on Mac. The Mac binary was tested on a computer account for a few days running on XBoard.

As some know, I've developed a Java interface to, at and on Linux the Pulsar binary can be opened and used in Lantern Chess for analysis in variants in ICC examine mode in the Options menu / Load Winboard Engine. I played in analysis mode some regular chess with the Linux pulsar2009-9b binary and played a full game of Atomic out in analysis mode and it was working well. By the way for those that don't know, using the program argument with winboard/xboard fics tells Pulsar to play Atomic by fics rules. This works in older releases as well.

The Linux binary was compiled on a laptop I have running Linux Mint from maybe 2011/12 period at the command line in the console with gcc and -O3 optimization.

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