WinBoard settings for adjudications

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WinBoard settings for adjudications

Post by nionita » Mon Oct 21, 2013 8:30 pm

Hi everybody,

I'm trying to debug my engine for simple endgames (simple mates with minors or major) and wanted to use WinBoard for this (all other GUIs I have are really bad about adjudications settings). If I don't change those settings then KQvsK will be soon adjudicated and nothing can be tested.

Unfortunately Winboard is not the most intuitive Windows program.

There is a menu named "Adjudications", but the options are more about draws. There are only 3 options which could be about win/loss :
- win/loss adjudication threshold (in centipawns) - text field
- verify engine claims - checkbox
- detect mates - checkbox

How should I set those options to ask WinBoard not to adjudicate the games at all, at least not for win/loss?

I have WinBoard 4.6.2.

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Re: WinBoard settings for adjudications

Post by hgm » Mon Oct 21, 2013 9:01 pm

Most things can be disabled by setting them to 0.

That includes the 'win/loss adjudication threshold', but also 50-move rule and 3-fold repeats. It is usually better to set those to slightly higher values, like 52 and 6, however, so that you give the engine opportunity to claim, but games will not drag on forever if it doesn't.

The checkboxes you have simply to untick. To catch engine bugs it is better to leave 'verify engine claims' on, though. Not adjudicating on mates might give funny effects if the engine does fail to claim; I guess it would eventually forfeit on time. (If you have auto-flag on, in the General Options dialog, that is. Otherwise the game would just hang.)

Claim verification and mate detection only work with legality testing on.

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