Hybrid Memory Cube effect on computer chess

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Albert Silver
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Hybrid Memory Cube effect on computer chess

Post by Albert Silver » Fri Apr 05, 2013 2:01 pm

As the techies probably know, the new Hybrid Memory Cube is around the corner, and will be a part of the common PC computing experience. The difference is not so much in amount of memory the PCs will have but the astounding increase in peak bandwidth: 320GB/s.

Bob Hyatt (and others) has been vocal over the last 15+ years here that the number one limiting factor in PC performance is not CPU, GPU, or other, but the tremendously bottlenecked memory bandwidth. It seems as if this hurdle will soon be past, and I am curious to know what expectations this might have on computer chess or even how things are programmed, since with such a change, this might also change the way one approaches software engineering, no?

Toms Hardware News on Hybrid Memory Cube standard
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