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xboard time control settings

Post by frankp » Sat May 12, 2012 12:03 pm

Is there a way of setting xboard to do standard weekend tournament time controls as in,

N moves in T minutes then after N moves + T1 minutes for the rest of the game?
(e.g. 40 moves in 2hours then after 40 moves add 20 minutes to the clock for the remainder of the game)

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Re: xboard time control settings

Post by hgm » Sat May 12, 2012 8:27 pm

No, XBoard does not support multi-session time controls yet. The problem is that WB protocol does not provide a command to tell the engine this. So the only way to implement it, would be to send a new level command to the engine when a new session starts, with different parameters, in the hope that the engine will understand this. But it is not defined in the protocol specs what such an intra-game levekll command means, so there is no guarantee the engine will understand it. It could go completely crazy, or just ignore it.

Of course I could make sure Polyglot would understand it, so that at least all UCI engines could be run in this mode.

XBoard itself is already prepared for multi-session; I think that when you would use options

-mps 40 -tc "30+20/5+5"

it would manage the clocks as 40/30+20/5+5 (i.e. first session of 40 moves in 30 min, then then 5 min added to the clock until move 60, then the rest of the game in 5 min). But the engine would not understand that the time it has after move 40 is intended for 20 moves rather than 40. That would require re-sending of a level command.

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