Now on the ICC: GLaurung for iPod Touch!

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Tord Romstad
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Now on the ICC: GLaurung for iPod Touch!

Post by Tord Romstad » Sat Jan 03, 2009 12:27 am

For those of you impatient to play against Glaurung on the iPhone or iPod Touch: Glaurung on my iPod Touch (ARM 412 MHz, 16 MB hash) is now playing on the ICC, and accepts all human challengers (no computers; there is little point in playing against programs running on hundred times faster hardware). The account name is "GlaurungX". This is an automated account, I will not be there to chat.

This is also a great chance to win cheap rating points. GlaurungX has a blitz rating of around 2800, because it was playing on a fast Core 2 Duo the last time it was logged on. :)


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