2007 WCRCC Standings after 10 rounds

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2007 WCRCC Standings after 10 rounds

Post by CRoberson » Sun Jul 22, 2007 3:15 pm

Looks like Rybka and Hiarcs will be in the tie breaker
match which will be G/14+1 and first to two points.
If both get there together, it is first to win a point.

9.0 Hiarcs8x Rybka
7.0 Erdo crafty
6.5 DIEP Rascal QuarkX
6.0 Frenzee IkarusX thebaron Tinker
5.5 Ktulu Weid TerraPi danasah LearningLemming HomerX JokerX
5.0 PetirX BertaX DirtyX DeuteriumChess Independence
4.5 ArasanX DeltomateX NowX Horizon-x Neurosis
4.0 Symbolic HfC Timea BirdEng parrotC Telepath microMaX
3.5 Buzz
3.0 Clarabit
1.5 Matilde roce Vicki

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