Fathers and Chess – “How am I suppose to do computer chess?”

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Fathers and Chess – “How am I suppose to do computer chess?”

Post by adams161 » Mon Jul 01, 2019 9:24 am

Last night I dreamed I got into a squabble with my dad or he cut me off. I protested, I had been coming over to his computer to do minor things I needed to do to do computer chess, so I said after he said don't come here any more “How am I suppose to do computer chess?”

It reminded me of my dad of 93/94 when we had a great rift that was partly centered on chess or at least my bad attitude. But I had a chance to explain my thinking of that period in the last few months. I shared with him my post Fathers, Chess And Christmas http://www.lanternchess.com/fathers-che ... stmas.html I looked over at him as he read it. He was broken up. So this is why we fought.

As I said in the post:
Next morning I set it to level one and managed to beat it with a back rank rook mate. This was Christmas 1987. Summer of 1988 I played uscf in the Bay Area about 20 games total at 4 or 5 events and won only 2 games I think. To me it seemed I was lousy at chess therefor my father must not be very good either.
And I harbored that grudge against my dad for years that he must be lousy leading me to sort of viciously defeat him at chess when I got better coming out of college.

But its about levels in chess. He started playing in 2014 my app OpeningTree and it had crafty for analysis on iOS. Now crafty is in Pulsar on iOS. This last year I tried to get my dad to play Pulsar but it kept beating him even on easy. Then I showed him recently he can analyze those games with Crafty. When we last met maybe 3 weeks ago for dinner he told me he had used pulsar yesterday.

Pulsar is better than me at Strong and Crafty is better than pulsar. I never had to defeat my dad at chess because i'm just better. Someone can beat me. But I could not rise above the teenager who played back rank rook mates against my dad and play better players without passing him up. However now with Crafty the field martial has his General who can point out pulsar's flaws.

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