Ancient olithink fossils

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Dann Corbit
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Ancient olithink fossils

Post by Dann Corbit » Tue Nov 03, 2020 6:18 pm ... sp=sharing
Found them on my old chess analysis project backup CD.
I have some more somewhere, but it might take a while to find them.
Oldest one is Olithink 2.2.1 from 20 years ago.
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Re: Ancient OliThink fossils.

Post by Ajedrecista » Tue Nov 03, 2020 7:18 pm

Hello Dann:

Thanks to the CPW article and an old archived post from the CCC, I found the URL of OliThink of those days and let the WayBack Machine to do its magic:*/http://www.phy ... e/~btp434/*/http://www.phy ... /~btp434/*

The last link lists the items that are still reachable. The source code of version 2.0s is still downloadable! ... lisuic.tgz

Code: Select all

OliThink, Version 2.0s (c) 1998 // NAME AND E-MAIL DELETED TO AVOID WEB CRAWLERS.
OliThink is a medium strength chess programm, with an ELO
about 2000. It automatically recognizes Draw by repitition and
50 moves rule and is complete compatible with the standard
interfaces xboard/winboard. It does not use table base.
If you are looking for an aggressiv, fast, but beatable chess programm,
you will be happy with OliThink.

Extract		: tar -xvzf olithink.tgz    on Linux
		: gtar -xvzf olithink.tgz   on commercial Unix platforms
		: pkunzip -d   on dos/windows

Compile		: make

Interface	: xboard/winboard or compatible (all functions implemented)
		: local:  xboard -fcp ./olithink
		: ICS:	  xboard -zp -ics -icshost -fcp ./olithink

All (!) relevant xboard/winboard menus and options should work,
		'Show Thinking' , '-thinking true'
		'Move Now'
		'Retract Move'
                '-sd #' (search depth)

Additional command line options without the interface:
        -h #    : hashsize (if #<=128 it will be in MB) (default 4 MB)
        -t      : do not ponder with permanent brain
	-p	: show principle variant
	-s #	: search depth # plies
	-r #	: random moves strength # (recommended <10)
	-d	: display ASCII board
	-n	: don't use opening book
	-k	: do not kibitz forced win
	-w	: whisper actual eval
	-z	: display opening books in e2e4-format
        -c      : save oponents wins
        -b # pgn: create book for white with max ply # and file pgn
                  e.g. './olithink -b 20 Book4.pgn'
		  e.g. './olithink -z -b 60 Book4.pgn > eco.txt'

	readme.txt	:
	common.h	:
	eval.h		:
	main.h		:
	eval.c		:
	init.c		:
	io.c		:
	main.c		:
	make_move.c	:
	search.c	:
	hash.c		:
	white.bin	: Optional opening books, featured by Leonid
	black.bin	:
	whites.bin	: Optional suicide books, featured by Volker and
	blacks.bin	: games database of great Suicide players
The files of the source code are from April, 1998. Some of the *.c and *.h files have _s suffix, probably noting 2.0s version instead of 2.0, opposite to the file names written in the Readme file. One way or another: enjoy!

Regards from Spain.


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