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Re: UCI Pondering workaround

Post by hgm » Sun Jul 15, 2018 4:36 am

I don't think he meant he wants the engine to do anything in the opponent's time in ponder-off games. Just that he wants to use any ponder time he gets in the way he seems fit. Which is explicitly allowed by the UCI standard; it just says that if you do not use it for obeying a 'go ponder' command, you should not have the engine print PV info, because this might confuse the GUI. (E.g. if you are pondering on another position than the one reached by the ponder move.)

Be sure to support the option Ponder, however, to make sure the engine knows whether it is playing a ponder game or not, and only use CPU when not on move if this option is set.

As mentioned earlier, you can prevent a typical GUI from sending 'go ponder' even in ponder-on games by simply refraining from giving a ponder move in your 'bestmove' commands.

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