** Moderator Election Results **

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Sam Hull
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** Moderator Election Results **

Post by Sam Hull » Sun Oct 25, 2020 9:08 pm

Voting is now closed. Here are the election results:

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CCC Moderator Election Ballot Results

(32) H.G. Muller **
(32) Harvey Williamson **
(10) Brendan J Norman
(28) Dann Corbit **
(11) Roland Chastain

CTF Moderator Election Ballot Results

(14) Thorsten Czub (mclane)
(11) Daniel Shawul
(9) Damir Desevac (damir)
(20) Rasmus Althoff (ras) **
(27) H. G. Muller **
(22) Martin Wyngaarden (gaard) **
(1) Paul Bedrey

** New moderation teams
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Valid ballots were received from the following members:

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Rebel             | MikeB             | Werner            | Milton       | maxdeg
Stephen Ham       | Anton             | mclane            | Tony P.      | Robert Pope
Roland Chastain   | Werner Taelemans  | hgm               | Charly       | Bo Persson
glennsamuel32     | D Sceviour        | Daniel Anulliero  | Jouni        | Norm Pollock
ras               | Henk              | gaard             | Paul Bedrey  | Eelco de Groot
towforce          | mhull             | Guenther          | Sam Hull     |
Harvey Williamson | Gerd Isenberg     | duncan            | F. Bluemers  |
Volker Pittlik    | Graham Banks      | Kirk              | Terje        |
dannyb            | Terry McCracken   | MikeGL            | Sven         |
Michel            | JohnS             | Peter Berger      | mar          |
refused votes (0)
improper votes (0)

Dann Corbit
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Moderation policy

Post by Dann Corbit » Mon Oct 26, 2020 10:05 pm

While I do not particularly want to be a moderator, and I am not running for moderator, I could be chosen for the position.
If we are to eat the cake, we should also be willing to bake. Hence, if I am chosen, I would not refuse to help moderate.
The only acts I would perform as moderator are to enforce the charter.
The best moderators are invisible most of the time.
Taking ideas is not a vice, it is a virtue. We have another word for this. It is called learning.
But sharing ideas is an even greater virtue. We have another word for this. It is called teaching.

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Moderation policy

Post by hgm » Sat Oct 31, 2020 8:45 am

[Moderation] This seems a natural place for candidates in the CCC moderator elections to present their moderation policy. As this thread is locked, the candidates are invited to post their policy in a separate thread, PM me about it, and then I will move that posting into this thread.

My moderation policy for CCC will be pretty much a continuation of the one I used in my previous term:

* In general I will only delete charter violating postings when these are reported; I don't nearly read everything that is posted in CCC, and some forum sections (such as Tournaments and Matches) I virtually never visit at all.
* I don't consider trolling a violation of the charter per se; trolling is defined as voicing a controversial POV that the troll might not even believe himself, to provoke discussion. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as the discussion is civilized.
* Stupidity is not against the charter; I think incorrect claims should be dealt with by arguing against them, not by deleting them.
* Off-topic posting and thread hijacking will lead to splitting of discussion, and the offending postings being moved to a separate thread, possibly in another forum section.
* repetitive attempts to contaminate a discussion with off-topic posting, after a moderator call to leave the thread alone, can lead to banning.
* whether posting on a certain subject belongs in the forum section it was posted in, or should be moved, will be mostly judged by the audience that the posting tries to address. (But see below!)
* Indictments for cloning are not considered a charter-violating personal attack, as long as they are posted in the Engine Origins forum, and not incessantly repeated without additional evidence.
* I will try to avoid moderating in discussions I am involved in myself, and leave that for my fellow moderators.

Should the CTF section be closed down, there will be vigilant moderation against postings that have no relation to computers or chess. In particular political or religious discussions will be pro-actively deleted. I will push for creation of a 'Benign Off-Topics' section, which would be read only, and where discussions on recent 'non-divisive' subjects (such as natural disasters or spectacular scientific / technological breakthroughs) that might have been tolerated in the General Topics section can be moved to when the interest in those subsides. In any case not more than one discussion thread on any particular off-topic subject will be allowed to exist. It cannot be excluded more strict rules will have to be applied for this, if the amount of off-topic posting becomes a nuisance to those only interested in computer chess.

Note that CTF has separate moderators from CCC, and that every TalkChess member is allowed to vote in both elections. And that I am running also as a candidate there, with the intention to shut CTF down when I am chosen. See http://talkchess.com/forum3/viewtopic.p ... 39#p869839

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Harvey Williamson
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Re: ** Nominations for Moderator Elections Now Open **

Post by Harvey Williamson » Sat Oct 31, 2020 2:57 pm

My Moderation policy will be pretty much as it has been for the last moderation term.

Things have worked pretty well in CCC over the last few years. I largely agree with the post above by HGM. I would like to moderate with him again and so hope that you will support both of us.

It is important that you report a post that you think violates the charter. There are a lot of posts here and life is to short to read all of them.

I think the time has probably come to either close CTF or move it to its own site.