International Chess Day - advertise chess

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International Chess Day - advertise chess

Post by CRoberson » Sun Jul 19, 2020 8:11 pm

Lets do something simple to advertise chess on International Chess Day (Monday July 20). Advertise chess on all social media "any which way you can" and "every which way you can".

So, be the Clint Eastwood of chess. Go ahead and make my day!

If you like, start today. Don't wait for Monday - (as Jimmy Buffet might say) it's Monday somewhere.

All sorts of options exist:

1) Make a quick screen video of a chess game you played online. Just a video of the screen; you aren't in it.

Instructions here <>

Your game can be any speed.
With this crowd maybe a screen video of your two favorite engines playing.
Or, a video of you frantically playing blitz between two computerized boards,

2) Post a statement about joining the USCF, FIDE or some other national chess org.

3) Advertise the web page(s) of your local chess club(s). Burlington's is <>

4) Advertise your favorite online chess server .....

5) Post a pic of your favorite position of your favorite game on a real chess board.

Be imaginative and do more.



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