My budget 3950x build

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Michael Sherwin
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Re: My budget 3950x build

Post by Michael Sherwin » Sun Mar 22, 2020 1:30 pm

Asmfish at ply 36 reported 47,046 kn/sec. The strange thing though is that it runs cooler at only 81c.

On a lighter note my very first legal chess engine Carnivor, a single thread engine, with qsearch and psqt only, searches 26,590 kn/sec.
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Re: My budget 3950x build

Post by jstanback » Sun Mar 22, 2020 3:20 pm

I just tried several consecutive 120s searches of the opening position with SF10 at 32 threads on my Ryzen 3950x at 4.0 Ghz. I got 41895 Knps and had maximum package power of 139 watts and temperature of 70C. My Vcore droops from 1.20 to 1.16 volts when running all cores. My memory is set to 3200 Mhz. So Michael's OC looks very good to me. I'm happy with my numbers and have not had any crashes when running nearly 24 hrs a day for almost 4 months. But maybe at some point just for fun I'll see if I can tweak my speed a little higher :)


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