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Searching pgn of tactic books

Posted: Sat Nov 09, 2019 11:20 am
by PeterO
Searching for pgn of chessbooks

Hi friends,

It is said, that this 8 tactic book may contain ~2,000 basic  tactics patterns:
1. Chess Tactics for students - John Bain
2. Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess - Bobby Fischer/Margulies
3. Starting out: Chess Tactics and Checkmates - Chris Ward
4. Winning Chess Strategy for Kids - Jeff Coakley
5. The Chess Tactics Workbook - Al Woolum
6. Back to Basic: Tactics - Dan Heisman
7. The Winning Way - Bruce Pandolfini
8. Power Chess for Kids - Herta

Do you have the pgn of one of this books?
Do you have the pgn of another tactic book?