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Leela Chess Zero + Google Colab

Post by Hai » Sat Apr 21, 2018 5:01 am

https://github.com/glinscott/leela-ches ... aboratory)

I have many google accounts.
I run colab on different browsers.
Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Firefox... can support 2 accounts one normally and one with a private navigation = 8.
I'm using my computer and mobile devices.
As you can see it is very easy to get this way more than 30000 games per day.
You can even get 100000 training games per day, depends on your machines and browsers.

When everyone will do this, we will have (30000 training games per day) x (600 active users) = 18.000.000 training games per day.

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Re: Leela Chess Zero + Google Colab

Post by nabildanial » Sat Apr 21, 2018 5:28 am


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Re: Leela Chess Zero + Google Colab

Post by op12no2 » Sat Apr 21, 2018 10:17 am

Well that was easy!

If like me you are thinking "OK but WTF is google colab", don't worry - it's about 5 clicks to setup and start it training.

https://github.com/glinscott/leela-ches ... aboratory)

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Re: Leela Chess Zero + Google Colab

Post by Leto » Sat Apr 21, 2018 12:23 pm

Don't risk getting banned, or worse Google banning our group. They are probably tracking IP addresses to determine if one person is using multiple accounts.

And yes it's surprisingly easy to get it running following the directions here:
https://github.com/glinscott/leela-ches ... aboratory)

The only hard thing I've found about using Google Colab is keeping the thing running. Sometimes it disconnects on me after half an hour, sometimes it runs for over 7 hours before it stops because of a file size issue. If there was a script or something that would continuously check to see if Google Colab is still running and can restart it whenever it stops that would be tremendously helpful.

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