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Re: Fire 5 is out!

Post by rainhaus » Fri Nov 25, 2016 7:14 pm

Adam Hair wrote:
rainhaus wrote:
Alexander Schmidt wrote:
Guenther wrote:Sometimes history (an enormous history of wrong-doing) should be really enough for scepticism...
Sceptism is fine. But it shouldn't lead to different standards. Especially from someone who himself released 2 clones as own work.
Really, I didn't know that Günther Simon is a chess programer. What engine, some old Windboard journeyman's piece or are opening books the matter ? Is that verifiable ? I haven't found any hint on CPW or CCW.
Alexander was referring to Jose.
Well, this address makes more sense, indeed. I hope Jose will choose the right translator and Simon wasn't all too shocked.
Guenther's link into past is not such a bad idea. It saves a lot of time to the interested reader. Two another links should round off the whole: ... 31&t=31709 ... 87&t=29765

Running the gauntlet in a time loop :( I remember well the mod's (Dann Corbit) thoughtful intervention, when the flames became too high.
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