New CFish Windows binary (from today's code)

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Re: New CFish Windows binary (from today's code)

Post by Jouni » Mon Oct 17, 2016 6:47 am

Testing would take 5-10 minutes only, if I get exe-file first!

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Re: New CFish Windows binary (from today's code)

Post by drj4759 » Mon Oct 17, 2016 6:59 am

syzygy wrote:Unfortunately the stack trace does not betray what part of Cfish is causing problems with Wine.

Anyway, if it is the NUMA code, then compiling with numa=no should fix it.

Also the binary posted by Dann do not crash on my system (the modern and vanilla ones are identical).
This is a mystery for me. Houdini 4 and Texel 1.06 are NUMA aware but runs perfectly in my machines. My guess is that the problem lies between the NUMA code and WINE.

Can you give me specs of the Linux distro you are using so that I may download it and try to reproduce your successful runs?

I tested your latest CFish release and there is no single crash in about 5000 games in 3 minutes time control. As for the time forfeit, there is no single occurence yet in the 1 minute time control, though it is only 200 games. I will continue the short time control test test and report exceptions when encountered.

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