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Re: benchmark new smartphones:

Post by mclane » Thu Jul 18, 2019 10:58 am

The sd855 is disappointing. It’s not really faster then Huaweis Kirin 980 from last year.

Code: Select all

Huawei P30 Pro Kirin 980 64 bit
Stockfish10   1.102.000 1 thread
Stockfish10.  5.068.000 8threads
LC0.                4121 8 threads

ZTE Axon 10 Pro SD855
Stockfish 10    927.000. 1 Thread 
Stockfish 10 5.072.000 8 threads
Lc0.                3635   8 threads
As you can see LC0 is faster on the Kirin.
And also Stockfish on a Single Core is faster on the Kirin.

I gave another SD855 phone a trial.

The Nubia Red Magic 3 is a SD855 device.

it comes with 5000 mAh battery and also big screen, 6.65" size (!!!! and no notch!!). it also has front stereo loudspeakers and two capacitive shoulder keys on the side for gaming mode. the back side is lighted with LEDs. it also has 90 hz screen, so the image more fluent. it also has a good single camera on the back, with the sony 48 MP IMX586 camera sensor.
It has heat pipe and fan (!!) in it and is a kind of mobile GAMING phone.

but the results are not much better then the normal ZTE Axon 10 pro full glass phone:

5.283.000 instead of 5.072.000.

since the phone has a special GAMING mode where it runs the internal FAN you can increase the speed a little, but not much:

5.417.000 is the value with FAN on. of course than it makes sounds of a fan running. not as loud as your pc, but one can hear it in a quiet room.

I like the phone because it has no GAPPS on board.
You have to install google replacing apps for email, calender and youtube etc.
from aptoide or other markets.
i do use blue mails, etar and webtube.

And do not use google searchbar but duckduckgo or at least startpage so google cannot see and misuse the data and words you do a web search for.

LC0 runs with 4014 in normal mode, which is also a very good result compared to other SD855 mobile phones
(and again UNDER the kirin 980 results from my huawei p30 pro).

so lets sum it up:

Code: Select all

Nubia Red Magic 3, SD855, 6/128GB
Stockfish 10 5.283.000 normal mode
Stockfish 10 5.417.000 gaming mode with FAN ON
LC0             4.014.000 normal mode

you can easily order it from companies like CECT and other reliable companies.

the 6/128 version costs 369 euro and the 8/128 version 419 euro.

this is not much for a sd855 mobile phone with big battery, metal backside and big screen for chess.

here a few tests:
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