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Christopher Conkie
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Re: Zochova chess engine

Post by Christopher Conkie » Wed Oct 07, 2009 3:31 pm

It does work in Winboard. It is once again probably something simple to make it work in Arena as well.

Code: Select all

"zochova64" /fd="d:\winboard\zochova_01" ; /name="Zochova 0.1-x64-DC"
It does work then and sees up to about 8 ply deep.

Still working on the Arena puzzle.

Code: Select all

Arena 2.0.1
1.688**----------New game---2009-10-07 16:33:33,966 Wed -------------
23.552*1*---------------------Starting engine 1 Zochova 0.1 x64----------------------
23.609*1*Configured Engine 1 Type:   WB2
23.735*1*Engine 1 dir: C:\Program Files (x86)\Arena\Engines\Zochova 0.1 x64
23.777*1*Engine 1 commandline: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Arena\Engines\Zochova 0.1 x64\zochova64.exe" 
23.830*1*Engine 1 ProcessID: 892
23.852<--1&#58;Zochova 0.1 type help for help
23.874-->1&#58;protover 2
24.674<--1&#58;feature ping=1 usermove=0 san=0 myname="Zochova 0.1" done=1
24.675-->1&#58;accepted ping
24.696-->1&#58;accepted usermove
24.697-->1&#58;accepted san
24.700-->1&#58;accepted done
24.987-->1&#58;level 0 15 5
25.051-->1&#58;ping 3
25.331<--1&#58;pong 3
If you make a move after this it dies.



Re: Zochova chess engine

Post by bgabor » Sat Oct 10, 2009 3:43 pm

Hello guys, the version of the code i'v placed to sourceforge is maybe not in the best condition. I didn't have any time for looking at the code in the previous two months or so. I'm planning to upload soon a version that does work well, i have lots of things in this code, only for testing this idea, that idea, the next idea, etc...


Re: Zochova chess engine

Post by bgabor » Sat Oct 10, 2009 6:05 pm

SzG wrote:Hi Gabor!

It is a pleasure to greet a new Hungarian programmer in the chess community. I have to admit I have never heard of you before, may I ask you to say a few words about yourself and your brainchild Zochova?
Hi Gabor

I have also never heard of you before. This little engine is just my experimentation with chess programming, coded in my available time after workhours. It's main propose is to serve reference code in my CV once it will be in a state able to fulfill that propose. So it ain't gonna be the strongest one around for sure. I myself got into chess programming at highschool age, in pascal back then, tried again two times since then, and this fourth try is the first really functional one. I'v started it around 2008 december, in C, rewritten in a few times since then. Main things i expreimented in it: optimizing the code for higher node/sec values, dynamic evaluation ( no static evaluation function, just updating the score of the current node in the search tree sometimes ), parallel search ( still not coded fully, i'v spent few time with this, couldn't find a really good documentation online, so i'm trying to figure it out by myself ), tweaking time management ( trying to recognise obvious moves, and making them without spending moer time on thinking, monitoring opponents time management), and of course experimenting a lot with pruning. I was also about to enter the hungarian championship this year at august ( I actually didn't have enough money to travel there because of my bad money management... ( btw, if any of u know of job for me, please tell me : ) )). I will probably spend some time on completly finishing it, by this i mean making every feature working stable.

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