New commercial engine soon: Onno

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Re: New commercial engine soon: Onno

Post by kranium » Tue May 19, 2009 7:32 pm

gerold wrote:
Graham Banks wrote:
F. Bluemers wrote:The King :
Some good music on that particular album! :)
Hope the music is better than the pic. :D :D :D

Hows the testing going on the new engine with you.
I have been testing it. Not m uch to brag about. :)
Hi Gerold,

it makes me acutely aware of just what a great engine Fruit 2.1 was (is)....

if one takes a close look at Fruit 2.1...there's little or no evaluation/chess knowledge,
it uses material and mobility, and very little else... but yet it's a 2800 (CCRL) engine! wow...

(and it's fairly well-known that a good eval can add many hundreds of ELO points! 400, 500, 600?)...

i.e. all it's strength (apparently) comes from extremely perceptive and articulate search functions...

i'm continuously amazed at this, and am doubtful anyone will ever reproduce this...


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Re: New commercial engine soon: Onno

Post by peter » Wed May 20, 2009 5:03 am

Hi Peter,
as for the more recent Mark Knopfler tune...i'm not familiar with it, but remember very well the top albums of the 80s that Dire Staits produced, and Mark's crystal clear powerful ringing guitar riffs.

Hi Norm!

When it’s pop goes the weasel
let go of the easel
You don’t want
this rickety rackety life
It’s seat of the trousers
It’s all sink or swim, son
I’d kill to get crimson
on this palette knife

And I’d steal in a minute
I’m up to here in it
You here behaving
as though I’m a saint
Get a job with a pension
Don’t ever mention
you once had a craving
for the brushes and paint

So go, forget it, let it all go
let it all go
Go, forget it, let it all go
Go, forget it, let it all go
let it all go
Go, forget it, let it all go
Let it all go

That's the first strophe and refrain of Knopfler's song "Let It All Go" on the album we're talking about and I can recommend it very much, even if I love all of his music, the one of his as soloist even more as with Diar Straits, which is partly legend too of course.
Hope you'll get crimson on your palette knife with your engine, already have it since it came out, waiting impatiently for MP, thanks very much!

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