ChessGUI celebrates Jubilee !!

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Re: ChessGUI celebrates Jubilee !!

Post by gerold » Thu Aug 02, 2007 2:21 am

Matthias Gemuh wrote:ChessGUI started off with version 0.001 ! Now the current version is 0.050. If 50 doesn't mean jubilee, then what else ?

BTW: Win9x shall be supported only if ChessGUI grows beyond privateware. I personally use Win2000Pro. Who can tell me if ChessGUI runs on WinXP or WinVista ?

If you search well, you may find ChessGUI here :

Thanks Matthias. Nice GUI.

Good luck,

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Re: ChessGUI celebrates Jubilee !!

Post by swami » Thu Aug 02, 2007 6:00 am

Jim Ablett wrote:Hi Matthias,
Who can tell me if ChessGUI runs on WinXP or WinVista ?
It runs on XP fine.

I was really surprised when I loaded up the latest version just how much it has improved since the earlier versions.
It's become an excellent chess gui. I urge others to try it out and I wish you every success! :D

Yeah Thanks,Mathias.

Team Tournament is the great and unique feature,Mathias. :) but I hope you do add more features relative to Arena, because there is a demand on GUI's and we already have enough engines with ratings list that show gap of 1 point between engines.

With derivative and Clones in the future, we will see the ratings list populated by engines with same strength and a gap of 0 points between engines.

and Elo software wouldn't work regards,

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