2007 World Computer Rapid Chess Championships: Final Results

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Re: Fire and forget

Post by Dr.Wael Deeb » Fri Jul 27, 2007 9:08 pm

Rolf wrote:
Dr.Wael Deeb wrote:
Rolf wrote:
hgm wrote:What Erdo is supposed to have done wrong is not clear to me.
IMO he came too late. IMO RYBKA came also too late. It's beyond me why you now call Harvey's an honest mistake. It was cheating. Why not believing Bob? If not him who's still here from the old days of the famous ACMs? They created the first rules for computerchess on the fly (during intensive debates) and from that time the direct intervening is called cheating. Compared to Bob's record and experience and willingness to participate it is scandalous how some here tried to talk to him. Also Harvey went too far IMO.

If you expected an answer from me for the RYBKA topic, then I would say that Vas is in a strange situation. His program is the best. His evaluations are the best. And therefore he might fear that if he allowed kibitz that then this could help his opponents. More so if Harvey is correct with his opinion that "others" influence their machines during games too... You are certainly better qualified than me to judge.
As you are not enough qualified,why are you labeling Harvey with the word cheating :?:
Who are you to post such annoying statements,a :?:
Stop flaming the situation and change this attitude of yours of trolling and making troubles....
Behave yourself - I am quoting what Bob Hyatt wrote. I'm qualified enough to quote what he had written. Cheating is _his_ term, not mine. Sorry, if you misunderstood that.
Ok Mr.Ainstein,now I got the point 8-)
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